Valentine’s Day Moodboard Inspiration

valentine's day moodboard fun

Today marks one of the most commercialized holidays of the year (and my first blog post! yay!) littered with all things pink and red and here I am showing up with more of the cliche. I thought it would be fun to get some mood board practice in for the occasion so I threw together some fun imagery for Valentine’s day. I love this color palette when it’s done well!

This holiday isn’t something my husband and I celebrate or acknowledge…and we kind of pretend it doesn’t exist if at all possible. We’d rather make it count daily in our marriage than showing our love with some terribly cheesy gift. I’m even that mother that didn’t get valentine’s for the kids to hand out in class this year *facepalm*. It’s one more thing that didn’t get added to my to do list and hopefully they’ll let it slide!

Cheers to the lovely holiday friends!
xo Jackie

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